Vakuum lifters

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The core areas of TIMMER vacuum lifting technology are vacuum lifting devices such as:

  • Coil lifters
  • Lifting traverses
  • Compact lifts
  • Gap lifters
  • Swivel lifts
  • Reversible lifters
  • Crane systems and special systems
  • Tube lifters

In addition, Timmer offers comprehensive service and maintenance offers.

Our sales team is active throughout Germany and will advise you on all questions of vacuum lifting technology as well as crane systems and tube lifters - from the beginning to the end of your project.

A team of competent and trained engineer is available to you for the assembly of the systems.

We offer annual inspections in accordance with the accident prevention regulations of the DGUV.

Vacuum lifting devices

These vacuum lifting devices, designed according to the modular principle, offer great flexibility thanks to their freely adjustable displacement system. Thanks to the crossbars and suction cups, which are also freely adjustable in length and width, the lifting crossbars adapt optimally to your handling tasks.

These vacuum lifting devices are used for handling vacuum-tight wooden boards, plastic sheets as well as steel and aluminium sheets in small, medium and large formats. Due to the compact dimensions and the durable construction, these lifting beams offer a lot of comfort at a good price.


  •     Long service life due to the use of
        high quality materials
  •     Choice of electric or pneumatic
        vacuum pump
  •     Number of suction cups
        individually configurable
  •     Wide range of suction cups
        (material and shape) for lifting
        different materials
        (metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.)
  •     Acoustic safety warning system
        incl. battery (function is guaranteed
        even in case of power failure)
  •     Vacuum gauge, vacuum tank with
        check valve
  •     Standard with ball valve for
        shutting off individual suction cups
  •     Operation:
        Suction and release by means of
        manual slide valve with safety lock

Vacuum hose lifters

Hose lifters are especially useful for handling tasks where heavy loads have to be lifted or transported.

The vacuum tube lifter is a vacuum lifting device for lifting and transporting loads.

Whether stacking cardboard boxes, palletizing bagged goods, transporting metal sheets or wooden boards, loading barrels, or laying stone slabs, vacuum tube lifters offer an inexpensive and flexible solution for almost all such handling tasks.

The holding and lifting process is performed solely with the aid of vacuum. By using the same operating lever for suction, lifting and releasing the load, especially fast load handling is made possible. A modular system consisting of variable basic components that can be combined in many ways makes it easy to adapt the tube lifter to individual requirements.

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