Vacuum-lifting systems


What and how heavy do you want to lift?

Sheet metal, glass, other building materials, coils, slit strips or even porous materials such as raw chipboard, plasterboard, MDF or OSB boards?

How do you want to move the material?

Heben Schwenken Wenden
  • lifting
  • 90° slewing
  • 180° turning


Vaccum-lifting systems

The tim®LIFT vacuum lifting beams are used in the handling of various materials, such as metal sheets, wooden panels and plastic panels with different dimensions and weights. However, not only flat but also round materials and special shapes can be realised. Various customer-specific solutions can be created. Standard systems from the basicLIFT product line are available for common applications.

For other shapes and weights, please contact our vacuum lifting systems technical team.

Core areas of TIMMER vacuum lifting technology are vacuum lifting devices such as:

  • Lifting beams
  • Swivel cross beams
  • Turning beams
  • Coil lifters
  • Battery-operated lifting beams
  • Traverses for porous materials
  • Customised special solutions

Take a look at the variety of products:
basicLIFT - multiLIFT - coilLIFT - poroLIFT - accuLIFT - special solutions

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