The lightLIFT vacuum hose lifter enables you to efficiently and ergonomically move diverse goods, such as bagged goods, cardboard boxes, crates, panels, etc. weighing up to 50 kg.
The lightLIFT vacuum hose lifter is handled via a one-hand operation design, which is selected specifically for your applications.
Two-hand operation enables safe guidance of lifted goods with two hands and allows precise positioning of the lifted goods.
For two-hand operation the design emphasis is safe and precise handling of heavy goods without additional auxiliary equipment.
We have extensive possibilities for finding designing, and implementing a tailored solution for our customers.

Two-hand operation – safe even with heavy loads

  1. Lifting unit with protective sleeve
  2. Curved handle: Lifting,
    lowering and releasing
    the load
  3. Adjustment of the suspension height with load and without load

Optionally available:

  • Quick-change system for the suction base
  • 360° variable rotary plate for the suction base
  • Remote control for switching the vacuum pump On/Off
Lifting unit consisting of slewing head, lifing hose, incl. hose sleeve and operating unit
Order no Type Load capacity(kg) Lenght lifting hose(mm) lifting hose Ø(mm)
62731200 UST-LL-HE-100/30-2,5-FH 30 2500 100
62731250 UST-LL-HE-100/30-2,5-VH 30 2500 100
62732200 UST-LL-HE-120/40-2,5-FH 40 2500 120
62732250 UST-LL-HE-120/40-2,5-VH 40 2500 120
62734200 UST-LL-HE-140/50-2,5-FH 50 2500 140
62734250 UST-LL-HE-140/50-2,5-VH 50 2500 140
fixed handle 300px
variable handle 300px

Vacuum supply lightLIFT

Suction hoses
Order no. Type Inside Ø (mm) Length (m)
62130905 UST-LL-VSS-38-10 38 10
62130911 UST-LL-VSS-38-15 38 15
62130905 62130911 suction hoses 300px
Connection sleeve
order no. Type Inside Ø (mm)
62730901 UST-LL-VBT-38 38
62730901 connecting sleeve 300px
Vacuum blower
Order no. Type Power consumption (kW) 60 Hz 50 Hz suction capacity(m³/h) 60 Hz 50 Hz Weight(kg)
62102001-TP UST-VPE-BL52-2019-TP 4,6 4 275 230 44
62102001 tp 300px
Vacuum filter
Order no. Type Pore size Flow rate
62600278 UST-Vacuum filter unit 5-7 µm 318 m³/h
62600278 300px


Quick-release couplings for fast change of the suction cups

Order no. Type Connection Material
62830280 UST-ZUB-QL/LL-SK-HE lifting unit Steel galvanised
62830290 UST-ZUB-QL/LL-SK-SF suction cup Steel galvanised
62830280 62830290 300px
Rotary plate for 90°/360° rotation of the load
Order no. Type Design Material
62830350 UST-ZUB-QL/LL-DT-360 360° endless Steel galvanised
62830360 UST-ZUB-QL/LL-VAP-90 90° rotating Steel galvanised
62830350 62830360 300px
Angle adapter for swiveling the load
Order no. Type Design Material
62830800 UST-ZUB-QL/LL-WA-90 Angle adapter Steel galvanised
62830811 UST-ZUB-QL/LL-HH-WA Hand lever for angle adapters Steel galvanised
62830800 62830811 300px
Sound insulation hood For reducing the background noise
Order no. Type
62862001 UST-ZUB-SDB350-2018 For reduction of the background noise of the vacuum generator from 74 dB to approx. 66 dB
62862001 300px
Angle bracket For placing the vacuum pump on the crane system or on the wall
Order no. Type Description
62232525 UST-ZUB-Console vacuum generator For fastening on the crane pillar or on an existing customer-provided wall – clamping width 150 - 200 mm
62232525 300px
Remote control For switching the vacuum pump On and Off on the operating handle
Order no Type Description
62292003 UST-ZUB-CM/CL-Remote control For switching the vacuum pump On and Off
62292003 300px
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