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Vacuum lifting technology

Vacuum hose lifters

The tim®LIFT vacuum hose lifters help with handling tasks, especially where heavy loads have to be lifted or transported.

The vacuum hose lifter is a vacuum lifting device for lifting and transporting loads.

Whether stacking cardboard boxes, palletising bagged goods, transporting metal sheets or wooden boards, loading barrels or laying stone slabs, tim®LIFT vacuum hose lifters offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for almost all such handling tasks.

The holding and lifting process is realised exclusively with the help of vacuum. By using the same operating lever for suction, lifting and releasing the load, particularly fast load handling is made possible. A modular principle consisting of variable basic components that can be combined in many ways makes it easy to adapt the hose lifter to individual requirements.

Our tim®LIFT vacuum hose lifters "Made in Germany" are manufactured with high-quality materials throughout and are therefore characterised by a long service life.

Vacuum lifting systems

Individual vacuum lifting systems with proven technology.

The tim®LIFT vacuum lifting systems offer suitable solutions for a wide range of sectors and industries, as standard or special solutions.

As many combinations of material to be lifted and application are possible, as diverse are the solutions implemented by our dedicated and competent employees.

In this way, our transport solutions contribute to a trouble-free production process and thus to the economic success of many companies.

Our tim®LIFT vacuum lifting systems "Made in Germany" are manufactured with high-quality materials throughout and are therefore characterised by a long service life.

Thus, tim®LIFT vacuum lifting systems contribute to the solution of numerous transport problems worldwide.

Crane systems

Crane systems are used to lift and move loads. The system includes lifting gear and load handling attachments. The lifting, lowering, trolley and slewing movements are carried out manually or power-operated.

Different crane systems can cover all your operational requirements.

Pillar-mounted jib cranes and wall-mounted jib cranes for loads up to 500 kg.

Different versions: fixed, low profile or mobile.

If bridge or suspension crane systems cannot be used due to structural circumstances, our aluminium rail systems are used. These crane systems get by either completely without foundations or with only small foundations. Rail systems are suitable for loads of up to 10,000 kg.

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