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Special solutions

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Our standard program in the fields of pneumatic accessories, vacuum technology or vacuum lifting technology covers a wide range of common requirements.

On request, we can also offer solutions specially tailored to your needs.

For customer-specific requirements, we are happy to carry out development work and manufacture special components according to your specifications.

Examples of custom-made products are:

production of special solutions

Own development and production

We implement modifications and individual solutions for your application

We are characterized by more than 40 years of experience in development and production.
Our work is problem-oriented and characterized by close cooperation. In addition to analyzing your needs and requirements, our specialists contribute their many years of experience.
In this way, our design department can develop the optimal solution.

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Assortment box content

Assortment Box with 24 compartments

• Individually equippable
• Great clarity
• Robust plastic case
• Individually removable compartments
• Refillable
• Laminated occupancy plan as insert under the transparent compartments*

Individually configurable according to customer requirements.

• 45 Straight push-in fitting
GE-4-1/8, GE-6-1/8, GE-6-1/4, GE-8-1/4, GE-8-3/8
• 45 Angled screw-in fitting (WEd-4-1/8, WEd-6-1/8, WEd-6-1/4, WEd-8-1/4, WEd-8-3/8)
• 30 Straight connection (GV-4, GV-6, GV-8)
• 30 Straight connection, reduced (GVr 4-6,GVr-8-6, GVr-10-8)
• 20 Angle connector (WV-6, WV-8)
• 25 T-connector (TV-4, TV-6, TV-8)
• 15 Straight reducing connector (GRZ-8-6, GRZ-10-6, GRZ-10-8)
• 20 Sealing plug (VS-6, VS-8)
• 10 Sleeves (M-1/8, -M-1/4, -M-3/8)
• 1 Hose cutter (H-SLS-4/14-KU)
• 1 Sealing tape (J-GDB-12-12-PTFE)


Short-Stroke Cylinder

Short-Stroke Cylinder double acting whith end-to-end piston rod

Field of application: Plant manufacturing
This cylinder has a very small and compact design with an endto-
end piston rod and mounting holes integrated into the design
and is used in clamping plastic parts, e. g. in laminating machines.

Technical Data:
Piston diameter: 50 mm
Nominal pressure: 6 bar
Stroke: 10 mm
Material cylinder tube: Aluminium
Material piston rod: Stainless steel
Operating pressure: 1,5 - 10 bar
Temperature range: -10°C bis +70°C
Switching frequency /h: 500
Media: filtered, oiled or unoiled compressed air
Mounting position: Any



Clamping cylinder, single-acting,
reset induced by external forces

Field of application: Screen printing machines
This cylinder has a special housing made solely of one aluminum
block. Remarkable are the mounting holes placed parallely
aligned to the piston rod. The cylinder is highly reliable because it
was manufactured according to the high standards in producing
serial cylinders.

Technical Data:
Piston Ø: 25 mm
Stroke: 25 mm
Material cylinder tube: Aluminium, anodized
Material piston rod: Stainless steel
Switching frequency /h: 500
Nominal pressure: 6 bar
Operating pressure: 1 - 10 bar
Temperature range: -10°C to +70°C
Media: filtered, oiled or unoiled compressed air
Mounting position: any


Valve unit

Valve unit
Dual-pressure controlling for cylinder with quick exhaust

Field of application: Vehicle modifications for the disabled
A cylinder opening and closing an automobile‘s sliding door can
be controlled via button with the aid of this valve board. In order to
close the door, the cylinder is filled with air on both sides. As the
air is released on one side, the door slowly closes to approx. 3 cm
before being shut automatically by 7 bar compressed air released
by proximity switch being actuated. In order to open the door, the
cylinder is refilled on both sides, and as one side is emptied, the
door opens slowly.

Technical Data:
Design: valve assembly
Operating pressure: 0 - 10 bar
Media: filtered, oiled or unoiled compressed air
Nominal flow rate: 350 l/min
(At 6 bar with 1 bar: back -pressure)
Temperature: max +60°C
Materials: aluminium, galvanised steel, plastic, NBR, brass nickel-plated


Controll unit

Control unit
completely assembled unit with pressure controllers
and valves

Controlling device for a glueing equipment
The unit manages the pump for the glue delivery as well as the
two cylinders pressing down the lid of the glue drum.

Technical Data
P-inlet: 1/2” male thread shut-off ball valve,
P-outlet: 1/2” male thread, 3 x 8 mm push-in, 3/8” male thread
Pmin: 2 bar
Pmax: 10 bar

- Custom-made locking-system
- Pneumatic emergency switch


Hose bundle

Hose bundle
completely assembled

Field of application: Plant manufacturing
This pre-assembled hose bundle is used for controlling automatic
drilling units in printed boards industry and saves an enormous
amount of the customer‘s time in manufacturing whole machines.

Technical Data
Hose bundle consisting of:

  • 115,3 m H-PUR-hose 4/2,5 in the colours red, blue, green, nature, black and yellow
  • 37,7 m H-PUR-hose 4/2,5 in the colours red, blue, green, nature, black and yellow
  • 37 x T-connectors, B-TV-6-KU
  • 1 x Y-connector, B-YVr-2 x 4-6
  • 2 x Y-plugs, B-YSr-6/4
  • 10 x X-connectors, B-KV-6-KU
  • 7 x straight connectors, B-GV-6-KU
  • 20 x straight reducing plugs B-GRZ-6-4-KU


time controll unit

Time control unit
optionally with 1 or 2 outlet signals

Time control unit with 2 outlets
This control unit could be used where two pneumatic outlets are
needed such as double acting cylinders.
After expiration of a previously set period of time, pneumatic
signals would be sent out to activate the connected device. The
cylinder then runs in oscillating mode.

Technical Data
P-connection: ø6 mm
Outlets: ø6 mm
P min.: 1,5 bar
P max.: 8 bar
Flow rate: approx. 70 Nl/min

Time control unit with 1 outlet
By manual starting this time control unit sends a pneumatic signal
which expires after a previously set period of time. After the time
has expired the output signal will be interrupted and needs to be
started manually again to repeat this cycle.

Technical Data
P-connection: ø6 mm
Outlets: ø6 mm
P min.: 1,5 bar
P max.: 8 bar
Flow rate: approx. 400 Nl/min


Tensioning Cylinder

Tensioning cylinder,
single acting with spring

Field of application: Air conditioning units
This cylinder which is applied underhood is used for tensioning
and loosening v-belts of air conditioning units in buses.

Technical Data
Piston Ø: 63 mm
Piston rod Ø: 20 mm
Stroke: 25 mm
Neutral position: retracted
Nominal pressure: 8 bar
Temperature range: -10°C to +150°C
Working pressure: 1 - 10 bar
Media: filtered, oiled or unoiled compressed air
Mounting position: vertical, pressure spring on top

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