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Timmer has earned a good reputation as a reliable partner and manufacturer of reliable pumps, especially in the areas of paint supply and the printing industry for many years now.
Timmer is at the cutting edge and works closely with its partners. Thus, again and again Timmer has been able to score with innovative ideas and individual product solutions.

The Timmer products of the tim®ECO, tim®BOOST, tim®PRO,  tim®CLASSIC, tim®COA, tim®GLUE, tim®TRON and tim®CHEM series are also characterised by their high quality. Since these products are all “Made in Germany”, the production processes can also be closely supervised. 

In addition, the Timmer products are improved on an ongoing basis, so that the products always provide process-optimizing solutions, such as improved rinsing capability, better residual quantity emptying, etc.

With development in tim®TRON technology, Timmer is now taking the next step towards Industry 4.0 and has set itself the task of also further developing its own products for the upcoming digital expansion in the future.

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Timmer pumps have been successfully used for many years

They are characterized in particular by their process reliability, easy maintenance, small and compact design, good workmanship and long service life.

added values

  • Easy installation
  • Reduces compressed air costs
  • Maximisation of service life
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Increased process reliability
  • Minimum pulsation
  • Different material designs
  • Small & compact overall size
  • ATEX

Ready for future

"Industry 4.0" has already made its way into many industry segments and it is advancing ever further into the process chains. Networking of equipment and processes via digital networks is the industrial future. For good reason: The interlinking of production with the communication of PLC possibilities of the World Wide Web offers numerous advantages.

This is a strict necessity in light of individual customer desires for ever faster delivery times and the increasing requirements relative to sustainability. Consequently, modern technologies should ensure greater efficiency and flexibility. The goal: the "Smart Factory" with machines that autonomously communicate with each other and learn from each other. Through this process companies benefit from a significantly higher level of reliability, minimisation of downtimes, and considerable cost savings due to better predictability.


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