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What is the demonstration procedure?

From you, we require a forklift for unloading and loading our transport vehicle and also during the demonstration. A 16 A power supply connection is required as power source. Set-up takes approximately 15 minutes, thereafter the demonstration can begin. Please have the goods to be lifted (boxes, sacks, drums, canisters, tables, etc.) on hand and ready to be lifted for the scheduled date.
You and your employees can experience the advantages of our lifting technology onsite in your own facilities.

Normally a demonstration takes 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours.For the demonstration we will charge you a low flat-rate to cover travel expenses to and from your location.

The flat-rate costs for the demonstration expenses will be credited to you
when you place an order.

We would be pleased to prepare an appropriate quotation for a demonstration of our vacuum hose lifter.

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