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Vacuum hose lifters

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Why use a hose lifter?

Fast return on investment

Due to the lower personnel requirements for handling workpieces and the associated reduction in fixed costs, as a rule our systems pay for themselves quickly.


Fewer illness-related absences

The operator is spared the heavy lifting, consequently illness-related absences are reduced. Likewise, more pleasant work conditions are provided.


Save time through shorter cycle times

In addition, you will determine that significant time is saved when handling the material. Cycle times are shortened through optimisation of workflows with the aid of the vacuum lifting systems.


Low-maintenance / reliable

The devices are low-maintenance to the extent possible; by design they are robust and offer a long service life.



If required, our systems will be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.


Material-friendly transport

Thanks to optimally configured vacuum grippers handling is extremely gentle on materials.

Added value through vacuum technology

hose lifters Applications
  • Suitable for right- and left-handers
  • Intuitive operation of the handle
  • High-quality materials Made in Germany
  • Low-maintenance component construction
  • Productivity is increased due to faster handling
  • Handling of the workpiece is simplified
  • Only one operator is needed to operate the machine
  • Sick leave of employees is reduced
  • Motivation is increased
  • Minimal noise pollution


  • one-handed operation
  • high handling speed (Pick and Place)



  • two-handed operation
  • numerous variants also suitable above head height



  • two-handed operation
  • numerous variants also suitable above head height


  • Two-handed operation
  • safe even with large stacking heights


vacuum hose lifter

We offer different versions in terms of load capacity and handling, divided into the following series:
quickLIFT     -     lightLIFT      -     heavyLIFT.

We have extensive possibilities to find, design and implement a customised solution for our customers.


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