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Timmer products and services

"Quality prevails" this certainty has ensured that the highest standards have been applied in all areas of the Timmer family business
since its foundation in 1978: Both - product and service quality.

Even more than the ISO-9001 certification, the success we have achieved on this path proves us right.
Our in-house quality assurance guarantees high-quality products that meet the highest standards.

Pneumatic Accessories

We offer all types of cylinders, valves, pressure regulators and fittings required for industrial pneumatic applications.

In addition to classic standard solutions, we also develop and manufacture individual solutions in collaboration with our partners in the industry.


Pump technology

Timmer is an expert in the field of industrial paint supply for painting plants and printing machines using piston pumps and double diaphragm pumps.

With Timmer dosing technology even viscous materials can be precisely, gently and consistently dosed, mixed and applied.

Electric piston pumps are the heart of automotive paint shops - with Timmer Pumps you can ensure that your production runs smoothly.



Vacuum lifting technology

Our products stand for high-class vacuum lifters. They allow heavy and bulky loads to be transported without any problems and production processes to be controlled safely. In addtition to standard systems we also offer individual customer solutions.

With vacuum lifting devices and hose lifters, you can relieve your employees and contribute to the health of your workforce. In the interest of your employees, in your own interest and in accordance with the regulations of the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association.



Pneumatic cylinders

Our product range in the field of pneumatic cylinders includes standard cylinders according to DIN standards, as well as special cylinders or large cylinders, which we can offer according to your particular purpose and application.

Our product range includes pneumatic cylinders, oil brake cylinders, rodless cylinders, round cylinders, bellows cylinders, short-stroke cylinders, multi-position cylinders, piston rod cylinders, standard cylinders, Origa cylinders, hydro-pneumatic cylinders, profile cylinders, air cylinders, ISO cylinders, profile tube cylinders, brake cylinders, tie rod cylinders, locking cylinders, guide cylinders, compact cylinders, stainless steel cylinders, clamping cylinders, CETOP cylinders, mini cylinders, compressed air cylinders, positioning cylinders, VDMA cylinders, special cylinders, compressed air cylinders and cylinders made of stainless steel.

Here you will find our pneumatic cylinders:

If you can`t find what you are looking for, please contact our sales team.



Vacuum technology

Furthermore you will find in our assortment: vacuum pumps, vacuum cups, vacuum accessories and special vacuum devices.



Special Solutions

We have a wide range of customer-
specific special solutions.
From pneumatic control cabinets to large cylinders or individual customized solutions. 20,000 of our special solutions are in daily use worldwide.




Entwicklung, Konstruktion und
Endmontage - MADE in GERMANY


Unsere Konstrukteure verfügen über Hochleistungsrechner mit aktuellster 3D-CAD-Software – und sie wissen diese Instrumente perfekt einzusetzen.
So entstehen durchdachte Produktlösungen, die wirklich überzeugen.

Modernste computergestützte Fertigungsmaschinen und CNC-Fräsen sorgen für die Präzision, die typisch ist für unsere Produkte.
Denn gerade in der Pneumatik und Pumpentechnik können schon hundertstel Millimeter über Funktion und Langlebigkeit von Produkten entscheiden.

Das Zusammenspiel innovativer Fertigungstechnik mit einer fachgerechten Endmontage von Hand ist der Schlüssel für unsere Qualität.

Wir wissen, was wir tun, achten auf die Details und kontrollieren das Endergebnis!


Design, construction and final assembly - MADE in GERMANY


Our design engineers are equipped with the latest 3D CAD software - and they know how to use these instruments perfectly. The results are clever product solutions that really convince.

State-of-the-art computer-aided production machines and CNC milling machines ensure the precision that is typical for our products. Because in pneumatics and pump technology in particular, even hundredths of a millimetre can make the difference between the function and durability of products.

The interaction between innovative production technology and professional craftsmanship is the key to our quality:

Because we know what we are doing!

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