V80 Series - Counter and Timer Valves

The V80 series includes pneumatic and electric timer valves as well as pneumatic preselection and summation counters. The timing valves are available as pneumatic and electric versions and are used for precise control of circuits or systems. Their function is to delay, time limit or interrupt certain processes. While preset counters are used to receive a pneumatic output signal after a preset number of pulses has elapsed, summation counters are used when the number of pneumatic pulses is to be counted.

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series: V10 PZ
Special Characteristics: Gerätestecker-Adapter von DIN 43650-A / ISO 4400 auf DIN 43650-B / ISO 6952

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Available in 2 days, delivery time 1-3 days

material: plastic series: V10 PZ
Special Characteristics: Schutzkappe für Magnetspulen mit Anschluss nach DIN 43650 A und nach ISO 4400

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Available, delivery time: 1-3 days