Glue Pump D4 Series

The Timmer glue pump is a pneumatically driven piston pump with integrated heating (optionally also without heating) and electronic control, which delivers glue in both stroke movements. The stroke frequency (max. 3 Hz) can be shown on the display. As soon as the pump is started pneumatically, the glue conveying starts via suction and pressure valves. The delivery rate of the medium is adjusted with a valve in the exhaust air.
The Timmer container glue pump corresponds to the glue pump with heating, but is equipped with an extra long suction pipe for conveying glue out of IBC containers. The number of strokes to be set via the integrated stroke counter determines the quantity of glue to be conveyed. When the set number of strokes is reached, the pump switches to stop.


Easy setting of the glue temperature via the display


Reproducible setting of the delivery rate, due to newly designed exhaust air throttle


Integrated maintenance indicator


Waterproof according to IP66


Excellent cleaning and flushing behavior (reduction of dead spaces)


Material-friendly heating behavior

Additional advantages and added values:  
Ease of use
Automatic shutdown of the heating in standby mode
Switch for operation without heating
Conveyor operation without power when needed
Easy to clean
Suction without heating
Reliable glue temperature control even at low flow rates

Food and beverage industry and other fields of application:



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fruit juice maker

Fruit juice producers


Glue manufacturers

Labeling machine manufacturer

Labelling machine manufacturers

furniture industry

Furniture industry

Field of application:

Our glue pumps are ideal for use in the bottling industry, where they are used for applying labels to bottles, cans and other containers.

Glue Pump for high and low viscous fluids


Programming options

  • Temperature display C°/ F
  • Preselection media temperature
  • Stroke counting display
  • Stroke frequency
  • NFC: data readout via android smartphone or tablet
  • Display of maintenance intervals

Glue Pump Features:


Protection class IP66

The pump cases of the new Glue Pump D4 series fulfills the requirements of jet-water proof performance.

A professional cleaning of the pump, as described in the instructions, is also possible without damage or a short-circuit of the interior electronics.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

The standard integrated NFC module allows the operator to read the data via Android (Timmer Pumps App) in a smartphone or tablet.

Heating temperature, stroke counting, as well as the current status of the maintenance intervals can be retrieved wirelessly at any time.


Newly developed liquid valve

Due to the optimized liquid valve, the suction capacities of the pump could be improved as well as the reduction of glue pulsations. The glue is now sucked in by an intelligent “cone suction valve” and passed on to the suction tube.


Stroke Rate Display

By the visualization of the stroke rate in the display of the pump, the operator can promptly adjust the optimum rate of the glue type.


Timmer Pumps – Android App

With the Android-App, Timmer Pumps, you can adjust the parameters via NFC-interface and change the temperature of the glue-pump. The preventive maintenance can be monitored and maintained through maintenance counters.


This prevents unintentional failures and allows a long pump life.
Due to the optimized configuration, adjusted to the medium to be delivered, the temperature is reached within an optimized time period and will stay constant at this level.

Glue pump tim®GLUE (pneumatisch)
PTI-D4-H-400 with integrated heater

Item No. 54005600 

Distribution package:

• Heater (stainless steel)

• Nozzle (19 mm, stainless steel)

• Air connection with ball valve 1/4″ and plug nipple DN 7.2

• Power supply lead with shock-proof plug*, 2m

• Operation manual


* other plugs available 


Glue pump tim®GLUE (pneumatic)
PTI-D4-O-400 without heater

Item No. 54005700

Distribution package:

• Nozzle (19 mm, stainless steel)

• Air connection with ball valve 1/4″

• Operation manual 


PTI-D3-H-Hz-Cont 1100 with integrated heater

Timmer container glue pump (pneumatic)
Item No. 54005800

Distribution package:

• Pump with integrated heater and electronic stroke counter

• Container lid, plastic

• Clamp ring for mounting

• Feed hose with filling valve

• Fastening for feed hose

• Air connection with ball valve 1/4 “

• Power supply lead with shock-proof plug*, 2m

• Operation manual

* other plugs available 

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