Back Pressure Regulator WTI-MDRP

The tim®ECO material back-pressure regulator from Timmer was specially developed for a low-shear process cycle in the paint supply sector. Since discharge volumes in the operation of the ring circuit system are time-independent, or in other words irregular, there are pressure fluctuations within the ring circuit system. The pneumatically adjust able material back-pressure regulator solves this problem and ensures that a constant back-pressure is achieved through automatic flow cross-section adjustments. Compared with conventional material back-pressure regulators, the tim®ECO material back-pressure regulator, due to its diaphragm arrangement, generates significantly less shear stress of the medium. Thus the fluid can be used in the process significantly longer. The material back-pressure regulator is available with individual connections if required.

Shear stress

Conventional material back-pressure regulator

material back pressure regulator

Timmer material back-pressure

material back pressure regulator

Added values

Material back-pressure regulator  
Low-shear material flow
Excellent rinsing capability
Minimal paint carryover
Compact design enables installation in a small space
Individual positioning, as there is no prescribed install direction or flow direction
Connections can be individually selected or interchanged
1:1 exchange with old devices of different makes (in accordance with connection dimensions)

Back Pressure Regulator (pneumatically controllable)




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