Intelligent Sensor

Our intelligent sensor offers a number of impressive advantages over conventional sensors. These advantage will both exceed your requirements and your expectations.
When the priority is stroke detection and speed detection, our sensor provides precise and reliable data so that accurate information is always available to you. At the same time, it meets the rigorous EX requirements; this means that it can be safely used in explosive environments.
Compatibility with NAMUR isolating switching amplifiers makes our sensor extremely flexible and easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure. Moreover, the sensor is seamlessly integrated in the pump housing and in addition to aesthetic appeal, this also saves space.

The sensor offers the possibility of resetting the stroke counter and using the stroke counter as a maintenance counter. Based on operational experience, the number of strokes can be set in advance and this number can subsequently be counted down. Intelligent adaptation of the switch points offers complete operational control. 
On request, for additional flexibility we offer a variable position of the connector to ensure that the sensor fits perfectly in your setup. 


Stroke counter

The stroke counter is capable of detecting the strokes with the utmost precision. This function enables precise monitoring and control of processes. And it makes the stroke counter a valuable component in Timmer double diaphragm pumps.

Why condition monitoring?


Added value through smart pump monitoring

Efficient organisation of processes through meaningful data enables sound 
decision-making criteria
Digitalisation and transparent process design
Predictions and planning become verifiable via data
Higher system availability and increased productivity through reduction of 
unforeseen failures
Reduction of downtime, damage and losses due to predictive maintenance
Optimal utilisation of the pump over the entire service life
Operating data acquisition and statistical analysis for easy calculation of operating costs and optimisation of system utilisation

System structure for stroke counting via PLC


Alternative system structure for pure power supply

A continuous power supply in operation is necessary so that the sensor can record data. In the Ex area this can be accomplished with a Zener barrier. 

Functions Timmer Intelligent Sensor Conventional Sensor
Stroke recording
Namur switching output
(compatible with NAMUR isolating switch amplifiers)
Fully integrable into the pump housing
Resettable & continuous stroke counter -
Variable switching point adjustment
(intelligent adjustment of the switching point)
Serial number assignment of the pump
(clear assignment of sensor and pump)
Variable position of the plug
(on request)
Operating data storage
(Ø-stroke frequency, frequency histogram, Stroke summation counter*)

* Can be read outside the EX area using a Timmer readout device (USB adapter, item no. 53507661) and the associated software. We are at your disposal for real-time transmission of the stored data to your PLC.


This intelligent sensor is a further development of the conventional magnetic sensor, which also offers various additional functions.

It serves as a link between a double diaphragm pump or electric piston pump and the customer's PLC.

Alternatively, you can read-out this sensor offline via USB adapter.


Software for reading out data from the intelligent sensor:

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