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Increase efficiency and reduce costs with our vacuum hose lifters


Investing in a vacuum hose lifter brings numerous advantages that quickly pay for themselves.

The considerable reduction in operator workload noticeably reduces sickness-related downtime. This not only leads to improved health for your employees, but also to more pleasant working conditions overall.

You will also notice considerable time savings in material handling thanks to the shorter cycle times. Our vacuum lifting systems optimize your work processes and contribute to more efficient production.

Another significant advantage is the reduced manpower required to handle the workpieces, which lowers your fixed costs. These efficiency gains usually mean that the acquisition costs of the hose lifter pay for themselves within a very short time.

You also benefit from our low-maintenance production, which enables further cost savings in the long term.

In short, the purchase of a vacuum hose lifter is an investment that pays for itself quickly and at the same time increases the quality of work and motivation in your company.

vacuum hose lifters
vacuum hose lifters

Vacuum hose lifters

The tim®LIFT vacuum hose lifters help with handling tasks, especially where heavy loads have to be lifted or transported.

The vacuum hose lifter is a vacuum lifting device for lifting and transporting loads.
Whether stacking cardboard boxes, palletising bagged goods, transporting metal sheets or wooden boards, loading barrels or laying stone slabs, tim®LIFT vacuum hose lifters offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for almost all such handling tasks.

The holding and lifting process is realised exclusively with the help of vacuum. By using the same operating lever for suction, lifting and releasing the load, particularly fast load handling is made possible. A modular principle consisting of variable basic components that can be combined in many ways makes it easy to adapt the hose lifter to individual requirements.

Our tim®LIFT vacuum hose lifters "Made in Germany" are manufactured with high-quality materials throughout and are therefore characterised by a long service life.



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