Special solutions


Customized special solutions

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Our standard program in the fields of pneumatic accessories, vacuum technology or vacuum lifting technology covers a wide range of common requirements.
On request, we can also offer solutions specially tailored to your needs:
For customer-specific requirements, we are happy to carry out development work and manufacture special components according to your specifications.

Examples of custom-made products are

  • Cylinder/valve combinations
  • Printing press ink supply systems
  • Pneumatic control blocks
  • Dosing valves
  • Special cylinders
  • Special valves
  • Large cylinders
  • Coolant metering systems
  • 6/2 way valves
  • 3/2 start pressure valve
  • Silenced vacuum pumps
  • 2-stage cylinders
  • Vacuum distributors
  • Pneumatic time controls
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