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For 25 years now, we have been designing and building our vacuum traverses. After 25 years they are still in use and thus demonstrate the robustness and quality of our systems. The current traverses always represent the state of the technology; they are further developed on a constant basis through direct incorporation of technical innovations and new findings in the design.
Use our traverses and benefit from our experience.

We optimally adapt our systems to your individual requirements. The versatility and flexibility will convince you. Reliability and safety are ensured through use of a powerful pneumatic or electric vacuum pump. The combination with the large vacuum accumulator, as well as optical and acoustic warning device, round out the safety package. The actual vacuum level can be read-off at any time on the vacuum meter.

These systems are manufactured in accordance with precisely defined parameters, which have been determined in advance with the aid of a requirements specification. On the following pages you will find a brief selection from the many models that we have already implemented.

Technical data

These special designs are individually adapted to your needs. The production of the units is carried out according to precisely defined parameters.



  • Long service life through use of high-quality materials
  • Either electric or pneumatic vacuum pump
  • Number of suction cups is based on sheet metal thickness
  • Acoustic safety warning system, incl. battery

Other Features

  • Large selection of suction cups (material and shape) for lifting a wide variety of materials (metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.) and shapes
  • Operation through pushbuttons: One button for vacuum generation; two buttons (pressed simultaneously) = release procedure
  • Vacuum meter, large vacuum tank with check valve
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