The stackLIFT vacuum hose lifter enables you to efficiently and ergonomically move diverse goods, such as bagged goods, cardboard boxes, crates, panels, etc. weighing up to 50 kg.

The stackLIFT vacuum hose lifter is handled via a two-hand operation design, which is selected specifically for your applications.

The stackLIFT enables lifting goods close to the floor in an upright body posture.

The system is designed for a stacking height of up to 2.6 m. The ergonomic handle shape supports easy handling and enables intuitive lifting and lowering.

For two-hand operation the design emphasis is safe and precise handling of heavy goods without additional auxiliary equipment.

We have extensive possibilities for finding designing, and implementing a tailored solution for our customers.

Two-hand operation, safe even with large stacking heights


Two-hand operation – safe even with heavy loads

  1. Lifting hose with protective sleeve
  2. Tilting the handle for left- and right-handed use 
  3. Quick release valve for easy release of lightweight vacuum-tight goods
  4. Intuitive operation: Lifting, lowering and releasing the workpiece
  5. Adjustment of the suspension height

Optionally available:

  • Quick-change system for the suction base
  • 360° variable rotary plate for the suction base
  • Remote control for switching the vacuum pump On/Off


System structure / type key

Lifting unit 

Consisting of slewing head, lifting hose, incl. hose sleeve and operating unit

Order-no. Type Load ca-pacity*1 (kg) Suction hose Ø (mm) Suction hose length (mm) Block size (mm) L-max (mm) L-min (mm) Lifting (mm)
62775001 UST-STL-HE-100/30-4,0-L 30 100 4000 991 4193 1184 3009
62776001 UST-STL-HE-120/40-4,0-L 40 120 4000 991 4193 1184 3009
62777001 UST-STL-HE-140/50-4,0-L 50 140 4000 991 4193 1184 3009


*1) excl. accessesories

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