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As diverse as the industry is, so diverse are the lifting goods that employees are confronted with in their daily work. The consequences of too heavy lifting are always the same: back problems and absences from work. We offer standard equipment elements for common lifting goods such as pallets, buckets, canisters and the like. You don't find the right solution for your lifting goods? No problem, because we know about the different requirements of our customers. For this reason, we offer various special solutions as ergonomic lifting aids.

In the past years, we have already developed several special solutions in close cooperation with our users. For example, our extensive range includes a drum or barrel turner.

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This safely grips even heavy drums and barrels, lifts them and turns the goods to be lifted to the desired position. Another special solution: a lifting beam for canisters. A hook traverse is used when many canisters have to be moved. It grips several canisters at once, lifts them and lowers them safely again at their destination. The focus is not only on safety, but also on increased efficiency through time savings.

We develop individual special solutions as lifting aids

Our special solutions can be combined with the vacuum hose lifters and can be used as desired. For you, the perfect special solution is not there? Just contact us! We are happy to implement your special requirements and develop the right accessories for your application. Ergonomics at your workplace is the focus of attention in order to relieve your employees.

Special accessories examples


Round/pipe lifters

barrel turner

Barrel turner


Crate grippers


Turning station

gallon handling

Gallon handling

coil lifter

Coil lifter for hose lifter

hook traverse

Hook traverse


Crate lifter


Clamp suction soulution




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