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Advantages of the vacuum lifting technology

•  Fast return on investment | Due to the lower personnel requirements for handling workpieces and the associated reduction in fixed costs, as a rule our systems pay for themselves quickly.

•  Save time through shorter cycle times | In addition, you will determine that significant time is saved when handling the material. Cycle times are shortened through optimisation of workflows with the aid of the vacuum lifting systems.

•  Customised | If required, our systems will be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.

•  Fewer illness-related absences | The operator is spared the heavy lifting, consequently illness-related absences are reduced. Likewise, more pleasant work conditions are provided.

•  Low-maintenance / reliable | The devices are low-maintenance to the extent possible; by design they are robust and offer a long service life.

•  Material-friendly transport | Thanks to optimally
configured vacuum grippers handling is extremely gentle
on materials.

What we offer

•  Expert advice | Our sales engineers advise you in all questions involving vacuum lifting technology, as well as crane systems, right from the start and until conclusion of your project.

•  Crane systems | We are also happy to offer you complete solutions, including the crane systems.

•  Installation | A team of competent and trained specialists is available to you for installation of the systems.

•  Maintenance | We remain at your service even after the project has been successfully concluded. In this regard, we offer maintenance contracts adapted to the specific device.

•  Safety inspections | We are also your partner where safety is concerned. We offer tests conducted by expert employees in accordance with DGUV Regulations 52 and 54 (formerly BGV D6 Cranes and D8 Winches, Hoists and Towing Appliances).

•  Aftersales service | We are also at your side after purchase. We offer:
- Yearly maintenance tasks
- Technical monitoring
- Safety inspection in accordance with accident prevention regulations
- Stocking of wear parts (you do not have to keep wear parts in stock)

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