Vacuum hose lifter for beverage crates

Beverage crates are an integral part of our everyday lives – whether at home, in the office, at parties or in the supermarket. They are almost indispensable when it comes to the transport of beverages. However, lifting the crates can quickly become a challenge, especially when they are full. Especially in industry, lifting beverage crates is a demanding physical task. Here, lifting systems can make a significant contribution to improving working conditions and reducing the risk of injury.

Beverage crates have a size of 20 to 24 litres and are designed to be stackable. When filled with glass bottles, the boxes can quickly weigh up to 25 kilograms.

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Although the crates are very practical due to their numerous advantages, the permanent lifting of them is dangerous. Moving beverage crates can lead to back and other injuries, especially if it is frequent and over an extended period of time. Especially in industry, ergonomic lifting aids can prevent health damage to employees.

In order to make it easier to move the crates and relieve employees, von Timmer has developed ergonomic hose lifters. The Timmer lifting aids with vacuum lifting technology grab, lower and lift beverage crates without physical effort. Particularly practical: You can adapt the hose lifter to your lifting equipment and requirements by means of interchangeable individual parts.

Lifting aids for buckets: This accessory fits your lifting equipment

Beverage crates, buckets, plates or barrels – every company has different requirements and needs. Therefore, our vacuum hose lifters can be combined with different suction feet and accessories. In this way, we create individual options that represent the perfect lifting aid for buckets for you and your company.

For our quickLIFT and lightLIFT vacuum hose lifters, we offer a combination of accessories that allow you to lift beverage crates ergonomically and safely.

The hook for canister handling is compatible with our quickLIFT and lightLIFT product lines. The hook can be used to lift and lower up to two beverage crates weighing a total of 270 kilograms. In addition, the hook also allows the boxes to be rotated 360 degrees.

Our main concern is to offer the optimal solution for your lifting equipment. Do you have any questions? Talk to us! Our product specialists are happy to advise you.


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62501045 hook for can and crate handling up to 50 kg




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