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Whether during the packaging process, in warehousing or just before shipping: cartons are constantly moved in logistics. This process involves frequent lifting, lowering and moving - and thus a high physical strain for the employees. However, how serious the strain can be is often underestimated. Sure, a box weighing ten kilograms is supposedly easy to lift. However, it's the quantity that counts!

Many employees in logistics lift boxes every day. The result: back pain and, in the worst case, long absences from work. With lifting aids for cardboard boxes, we solve the problem quickly and precisely. Because different suction feet for vacuum hose lifters can lift and lower various cardboard boxes and crates made of paper or plastic - and thus protect the employees' backs.

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Which suction foot fits your lifting aid?

We know that every company has different requirements and different needs. Our solution approach is different suction feet that can be combined with our vacuum hose lifters. In this way, we create individual options that are the perfect lifting aid for boxes for you and your company.

For the vacuum hose lifters quickLIFT and lightLIFT, we offer a suction crossbeam with a fixed suction position. The hose lifters can be used to lift and lower goods weighing up to 50 kg. A lifting beam with an adjustable suction position is also available for both hose lifters. The use of this flexible solution is always useful when the size of the boxes varies.

The goods to be lifted differ in weight, shape and surface condition. We would be happy to check your lifting goods to find the right suction foot for you and your company.

Suction bases

62730600 suction traverses

62730600 suction traverse for quickLIFT and lightLIFT: fixed cup position

62740650 suction traverses

62730650, 62740650 suction traverse for quickLIFT and lightLIFT: variable cup position

62710600 suction traverses

62710600 suction traverse for heavyLIFT: 400 - 1800 mm variable cup position


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