Buckets are used in industry for various processing steps. Whether liquids, granulates or bulk materials: especially during the manufacturing process, a variety of materials are transported in buckets and subsequently filled into other containers. Inexpensively available in different sizes and textures, the bucket offers considerable advantages from storage to movement and decanting.

However, when the buckets need to be transported, this process presents challenges to employees. As convenient as buckets are from a business perspective, they are unwieldy when it comes to lifting and lowering the heavy goods.

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Because working with buckets is characterised by different capacities, diameters and weights. The movement, filling and emptying of the buckets is correspondingly difficult.

In addition, buckets are made of different materials. While smaller threads are usually made of plastic, metal is used when a great deal of stability is required. However, this flexibility does not only offer advantages, because the combination of unwieldy lifting material and heavy weight can cause dangerous health hazards for employees. The solution: an ergonomic lifting aid for buckets.

To make moving buckets easier and relieve employees, we at Timmer have developed ergonomic hose lifters. The lifting aids grip, lower, turn and lift the buckets using vacuum lifting technology. The special feature of the systems: individual parts can be exchanged as required so that you can adapt the hose lifter to your lifting goods and your requirements.

Lifting aids for buckets: This suction foot fits your lifting goods

We know that every company has different requirements and different needs. Our solution approach is different suction feet that can be combined with our vacuum hose lifters. In this way, we create individual options that are the perfect lifting aid for buckets for you and your company.

For our vacuum hose lifters quickLIFT and lightLIFT, we offer two suction feet with which you can lift buckets ergonomically and safely.

Flat suction pad
The flat suction pad is compatible with our quickLIFT and lightLIFT hose lifters. It can be used to lift and lower buckets weighing up to 50 kilograms. We offer the flat suction cup coated with high-quality steel in two different versions: The suction foot is available with a suction surface of 200 and 270 millimetres. The diameter of the lifting hose is 120 or 180 millimetres.

Bellows suction cups
Also suitable for our quickLIFT and lightLIFT product lines are our bellows suction cups, which can be replaced quickly and easily. Made of high-quality NBR, the suction pads are resistant to pressure deformation, elastic and insensitive. The bellows siphon is available with a suction surface of 200 and 150 millimetres. Depending on the size of the buckets, you should select the bellows suction cup to fit exactly and replace it if necessary.

Our greatest concern is to offer the optimal solution for your lifting goods.
Do you have any questions? Please contact us! Our product specialists will be happy to advise you.

Suction bases

flat suction cup

62730200, 62740230 flat suction cup for quickLIFT and lightLIFT

bellows suction cup

62730201 bellow suction cup for quickLIFT and lightLIFT



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