Vacuum hose lifters for canisters

If liquids have to be transported, canisters are used. Equipped with a handle, they are theoretically easy to grasp and lift. However, practice is often different. Even the most beautiful handle cannot compensate for the weight of the canisters. If the canister is fully filled and needs to be moved, the employees face challenges. Without lifting aid, they can damage their back with the heavy canisters and, in the worst case, fail in the long term.

The better alternative to exposing employees to heavy canisters is obvious: the use of lifting aids for canisters. Our hose lifters are suitable for lifting goods of all kinds.

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Various elements can be exchanged and combined with each other. Together with our customers, we create the optimal system for the specific application from our wide range of products. Especially for canisters as lifting material, our product specialists have developed elements that can be easily attached to our hose lifters.

Hooks as lifting aid for canisters

A hook that is compatible with our hose lifters of the lightLIFT and heavyLIFT product series is suitable for canister handling. With the hook, canisters weighing up to 50 kilograms can be safely lifted, moved and lowered at the desired destination. The hose lifter in combination with the hook offers maximum mobility. The hook can be easily attached to the lifting handle of the canister and rotated 360 degrees.


62501044 hook adapter

62501044 clevis hook with catch

62501045 hook

62501045 hook for canister handling up to 50 kg



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