Vacuum hose lifters for plates

Whether thick or thin, heavy or light, made of wood or metal: panels are used every day in various industries. As a consequence, many employees work with the raw materials every day. More precisely: they lift them, move them from A to B and lower the panels at the desired destination. If this process happens without lifting assistance, there are often serious health consequences. Back pain, long periods of sick leave and, in the worst case, incapacity to work are continuously increasing in Germany. In order to relieve workers when lifting plates, we at Timmer have developed ergonomic hose lifters.

Our hose lifters are characterised above all by one special feature: Individuality.


When lifting and lowering plates, this feature is important to move the material safely. This is because panels are used in different shapes and materials. To ensure safety and uncomplicated handling, we offer different suction feet. These are compatible with our quickLIFt, lightLIFT and heavyLIFT hosee lifters and can be replaced quickly and easily.

With our quickLIFT, plates weighing up to 50 kilograms can be moved. The 360-degree turntable creates mobility. The lightLIFT also has a load-bearing capacity of up to 50 kilograms and is characterised by its two-handed operation, which means that even heavy plates can be lifted and lowered. We offer two suction feet for both vacuum hose lifters. You can choose between a suction crosspiece with a fixed position and an element with a variable suction position. This flexibility allows the hose lifter to be optimally equipped for your lifting goods.

Lift heavy and awkward plates safely with the heavyLIFT

You want to move particularly heavy panels? No problem for our heavyLIFT! Panels weighing up to 300 kilograms can be moved ergonomically with the vacuum hose lifter. The combinable suction crossbeam offers the required degree of flexibility. The suction pad can be variably adjusted in a range from 400 to 1800 millimetres. This is how we ensure that you can move even heavy panels ergonomically, efficiently and back-friendly with our lifting aid.

Suction bases

62730600 suction traverses

62730600 suction traverse for quickLIFT and lightLIFT: fixed cup position

62740650 suction traverses

62730650, 62740650 Suction traverse for quickLIFT and lightLIFT: adjustable cup position

62710600 suction traverses

 62710600 suction traverse for heavyLIFT:
400 - 1800 mm adjustable cup position


Vacuum-hose-lifter configurator

Configure your personal vacuum hose lifter.


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