Vacuum hose lifters for bagged goods

Unhandy, bulky, heavy: working with bagged goods is burdensome. Yet it is often used in various industries. One example is the construction industry, where materials such as cement in the form of bagged goods are handled on a daily basis. Whether it is picking, packing or even storing or retrieving: In many steps, employees lift the goods. The vacuum hose lifters from Timmer provide a back-friendly and simple solution to relieve the employees.
br> Lifting bagged goods easily? No problem with our lifting aids! The ergonomic vacuum hose lifters are characterised by one feature in particular: Flexibility.


Because all systems can be combined with different equipment parts and thus adapted to the lifting goods. We offer various suction feet for our hose lifters to lift, lower and move bagged goods of any shape, texture and size safely and quickly.

Lifting bagged goods: Individual solutions

For our quickLIFT, lightLIFT and heavyLIFT product series, we offer suction feet that we have developed specifically for lifting bagged goods. Depending on the hose lifter, bagged goods weighing up to 300 kg can be moved easily and safely. Here, too, we are happy to adapt the hose lifter to your individual needs. For example, we offer special bag lifter suction feet for better grip with bags.

Feel free to contact us: Together we can design the right hose lifter for your company.


stackLFIT Schlauchheber-Sackware

Suction bases

62730300 sack suction cup

62730300 sack suction base for quickLIFT and lightLIFT

62730320 sack suction cup

62730320 sack suction base for quickLIFT and lightLIFT

62710300 sack suction cup

62710300 sack suction base for heavyLIFT

62710320 sack suction cup

62710320 sack suction base for heavyLIFT

Vaccum-hose-lifter configurator

Configure your personal vacuum hose lifter.


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