F20 Series - Rotating Unions

The rotating unions of the F20 series are used wherever a medium, such as compressed air or vacuum, has to be introduced into a rotating machine element. Up to three independent lines can be fed through a central axis of a rotating machine part. The rotating unions have a wide range of applications: From textile and transfer machines to robots and rotary assembly tables.

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max. operating pressure: 12 series: F20 thread: 1/4
Special Characteristics: Drehdurchführung gerade Ausführung 1 x Hauptlufteingang 1 x Hauptluftausgang G…
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nominal width: 8 series: F20 thread: 3/8
Special Characteristics: Drehdurchführung in Verteiler Ausführung 1x Hauptlufteingang 3x Hauptluftausgän…
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