R10 Series - Air Vane Motors

Elastic, controllable and safe: the air vane motors of the R10 series are one of the most versatile and robust drives available to modern mechanical engineering. They can be controlled over a wide speed and pressure range and have their greatest torque where it is needed - at start-up. Air vane motors are used in many areas of technology: from mechanical engineering and the chemical industry to robot systems or printing and textile machines.

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load RPM: 900 power: 1340 rotational direction: right
Special Characteristics: Druckluft-Lamellenmotor - Rechtslauf Antriebswelle zylindrisch, mit Nute für F…
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power: 400 rotational direction: left series: R10
Special Characteristics: Air-actuated lamella motor - left turn with PTFE - lamellas, PTFE-coated rotor…

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